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EMPIRE Brick - We cut almost any brick

We Can Cut Almost Any Brick

Double-sided and single-sided, recycled, tumbled, rockface...there are literally hundreds of bricks and blends to choose from. EMPIRE Brick recommends double-sided bricks, but we can cut virtually any brick.

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GENUINE Recycled Bricks
Our Most Popular Range

Stylish and in high demand, recycled bricks are ideal to create the ultimate 'warehouse' look.
We use REAL recycled bricks not imitation 'faux' (fake) brick tiles. With a wide variety of colours and shapes available, you can create a truly unique finish for your walls.

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EMPIRE Brick - Using Recycled Bricks
EMPIRE Brick - Tumbled Bricks

Tumbled Bricks

Some bricks can be tumbled as a final process to provide an 'antique' finish. Have a look at our economical AUSBrick range for a selection of bricks perfect for tumbling and making the square edges softer.

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'Exposed Rock' Bricks

As an alternative to tumbling, applying an "exposed rock" finish creates a brick surface with real character. Have a look at our AUSBrick range for a selection of bricks ideal for the unique "Exposed Rock" look.

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EMPIRE Brick - Exposed Rock Bricks

Selected Ranges

EMPIRE can slice almost any brick, but we recommend the use of double-sided bricks for maximum economy. From our own boutique ranges, through a wide variety of RECYCLED blends to the Sandstocks from top manufacturers such as Austral and PGH Bricks, you can be sure to find a style to suit your individual needs.

AUSBrick Range

Low cost, double-face, general purpose bricks, that can also be blended. Available in standard, tumbled, and rockface. Our most popular range in Japan.

Brisbane Retro Range

Flexible, Unique and full of character, these bricks are ideal for EMPIRE Brick walls. They can be blended to get exactly the designer look you need and are available as 25mm or 35mm facings.

Austral Bricks Governors Sandstocks

We recommend Austral Bricks 'Governors' Sandstock range of double-faced bricks, ideal for EMPIRE Brick due to low wastage when cutting. Also available in a range of blends.

PGH Handmade Sandstocks

We recommend PGH Bricks 'Handmade' Sandstock range of double-faced bricks for their unique charm. Ideal for EMPIRE Brick, they also offer a range of blends.

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