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We Can Cut Almost Any Brick

For over 30 years we have been perfecting the art of brick cutting. What may seem like a simple process involves specialist machinery and a good understanding of the properties of bricks to minimise wastage, and manage size and texture variations that naturally occur.

We've developed brick cutting techniques to support a range of brick types and styles, from double-sided and single-sided, corner bricks, recycled, tumbled, rockface, and custom pavers.

Different applications of brick facings also call for variations in thickness, and we can provide facings in a range of sizes (dependent on brick) from 15mm to 55mm thick.

EMPIRE Brick - Brick Cutting

EMPIRE Brick - Double or single sided brick cutting

Double-Sided and Single-Sided Cutting

We regularly cut both double and single-sided bricks, but it is far more cost effective to use double-sided as it produces 2 facings per brick.

Double-sided bricks are often 'dry-pressed' (solid) types but we do cut many extruded bricks (the ones with holes) that are double sided. It is your choice what happens, but please consider we often need to purchase an additional quantity of bricks to cover a higher breakage percentage.

Our section on Brick Colours shows a great selection of double-sided brick ranges from EMPIRE Brick and leading manufacturers such as Austral Bricks and PGH Bricks, so you will be sure to find a suitable brick style that is right for your next project.

Corners and Speciality Shapes

To re-create the true authentic look and design of traditional brickwork we also cut full corner bricks, or almost any speciality shape required. (Make sure your brick does not have extrusion holes if you want a step tread to match.)

Perfect for corners of buildings (of course), soldier courses, window sills, steps, and other decorative brickwork.
Corners are integral of any brick facing project, and serve as the starting point to ideally set the brickwork out across the wall surfaces.

EMPIRE Brick - Corners and Shapes


Commercial, Domestic, Shopfitting, Prefabrication, and DIY...we can offer a brick solution to suit your needs!

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