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EMPIRE Slick - Superior Mortar Flow Additive

Mortar Flow Additive

Make mortaring easy with EMPIRE Slick, the ultimate mortar additive.

Applying mortar to EMPIRE products can be challenging using traditional sand and cement mixes alone. With EMPIRE Slick powdered mortar additive, mortar flows freely and smoothly while being applied (making it easier to pump or bag), but hardens with the same strength and properties as traditional M3 or M4 brickwork mortars once cured.

With no effect on mortar colour once cured, EMPIRE Slick can be added to any mortar mix. (This is not an air entraining product like 'Bycol' or similar)

Key Features

  • Powdered additive to make mortar flow

  • Mortaring made easy via pump, gun, or bag

  • Works with standard "M3 Brickies Mix" mortar

  • Recommended for all EMPIRE Click and Stick applications

  • Available in 500g, 1kg, 5kg, and 10kg

  • Mortar Guns and Bags also available

  • We DO NOT recommend the use of premixed bagged mortars, they contain washed sands.

EMPIRE Slick - Improving mortar flow
EMPIRE Slick - Used with M3 Brickies Mix

M3 Brickies Mix (1:1:6) & EMPIRE Slick

This is a common general-purpose mortar found in most brickwork specifications. This mortar suits the majority of building applications and brick types including EMPIRE Brick.

Mortar proportions are always expressed as the proportion of cement to lime to sand. "M3 Mix" has one part cement, to one part of lime, and 6 parts of BRICKIES LOAM also known as Brickies Sand (abbreviated to CI:LI:S6 or more simply 1:1:6).

Simply add an additional one part of EMPIRE Slick to complete the mix, and adjust accordingly for more or less flow depending on your method of application & weather conditions.

We DO NOT recommend the use of pre mixed, bagged mortars, they contain washed sand.

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